Remember when you could play a game you bought?

Hey guys! Remember when you bought a game on release day and you were able to play it right out of the box? Well, it seems thanks to EA and Bioware those days are now over:

Firstly, what convoluted ridiculous bullshit is this?! How hard can it be to just make and sell a fucken game? And judging by the Division 2’s release this ridiculous bullshit is now becoming commonplace:

Welcome to 2019 where you need a chart to find out when you can play Anthem and how much to pay Electronic Arts for that privilege. You paid full price for the game you should not need a tiered release schedule to know when you can play a game you HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED! One of the worst video game publishers is trying to squeeze even more money from players by artificially staggering the release of a new and popular Bioware game. They even created another tier that’s more expensive. In a loot and shoot game like Anthem, early access is a huge leg up, it’s literal pay to win. But hey What could go wrong? If you need a chart so you can figure out what version of the game, you will be able to fully play at launch then something is very wrong.

Can you just imagine this happening with new movie releases? Sorry, but the basic ticket you bought only allows you to watch the first 15 min of the movie. You can watch the rest the next day. You need to buy the upgraded premiere ticket to watch the rest on the same day. Imagine phoning the Anthem helpdesk: “Hello Gamer, thanks for calling the Anthem gameplay agent hotline. We want to help you jump in and start blowing up bad guys! First some questions so we can find the right Anthem helpdesk agent for you to begin the process of signing up for the game pass super pass. First questio-” Luckily there are still developers and publishers out there who still get it bless them:

And the most telling thing of this entire debacle? That if you pay for premier access for a month or two on Origins you get to play a week early but purchasing the most expensive version of the game doesn’t give you the same privilege. And yet there are still brainless sheep who defend this blatant anti-consumer bullshit, and honest to God I do not know how people with half a mind can just sit there and somehow justify this bullshit as being totally normal and justified and in no way a move on Electronic Arts part to fleece even more money from gamers. And then people ask me why gamers like myself hate Electronic Arts…

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