No the new Zac Efron movie isn’t romanticizing Ted Bundy

When the new trailer for the Ted Bundy biopic movie starring Zac Efron gets released and it is being advertised as wicked, shockingly evil and vile, yet social media and those in social justice circles think the movie is romanticizing Ted Bundy:

To all of you in the outrage cult movement claiming that Zac Efron and the movie producers are “sexualizing” Ted Bundy in the film, do I have some news for you!

Go read a fucken book you and educate yourselves, you absolute dolts! Ted Bundy was known as an attractive charismatic guy which was why a lot of his female victims never expected or saw him coming. The two biggest traits of psychopaths is being both charming and manipulative, it also did not help that the media at the time romanticized him because he was “a good-looking man”. And this might come as a shock to some of these people, but not all monsters look or act like monsters in public. These people hide in plain sight. A quote from a Dean Koontz book entitled: “The Mask” comes to mind:

I think Zac Efron is perfect for the role of Ted Bundy, he is young, good looking and charismatic everything that Ted Bundy was. Ted Bundy was the perfect example of how people just couldn’t get their heads around someone “normal” being such a big monster. Maybe an honest portrayal is what is needed so people can see the type of person he really was, a friendly outgoing and charismatic person who lured 30+ women to their deaths…

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3 Responses to No the new Zac Efron movie isn’t romanticizing Ted Bundy

  1. Ruth Burns says:

    In addition, serial killers don’t really kill for notoriety. They may claim to at a point but they all have very deep seated psychological issues which drive their need to kill. She honestly needs to educate herself…

  2. Kevin Badcock says:

    It’s almost like people expect all serial killers to look like Quasimodo.

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