How did this get past the editors at DC comics?

Here is a comic book panel out of DC’s latest Batgirl issues, and highlights the drop in quality when it comes to both storytelling and art. I marked all the glaring mistakes in just a single panel, and I am not even an artist and I am also pretty sure I missed more:

So where to start? (1) The door is missing a doorknob and has no hinges. (2) Why is the bathtub in front of the door? (3) Your toilet will be flushing itself into the other room. (4) Is Batgirl a vampire because she has no reflection. (5) That is one big ass carpet you have there that goes under both the toilet, bathtub, and cabinet. (6) Why is the toilet plunger right in front of the door? (7) The mirror is resting right on top of the taps. (8) The cabinet magically vanishes between her legs. (9) Is it a magical floating bathroom curtain?

I have several questions including: Has the artist never seen a bathroom in his/her life? How did this get past quality check before going to print? Didn’t the colorist notice anything wrong with the panel before doing his/her work? Or where the people involved just to lazy to go back and fix it? This looks like the sort of thing they put on the back of cereal boxes, “COUNT HOW MANY THINGS ARE WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE”

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  1. buddicus says:

    The toilet likely drains through the floor, most (Texas) houses I’ve seen have the drainage plumbed under the floor. I don’t see any water coming into it though. -source, a guy who has installed a few toilets.

    I, however, agree with your other points.

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