Black Panther nominated for best picture. What? What!

If there isn’t a more perfect example of the Oscar award show being the most irrelevant award ceremony in the entertainment industry then look no further than the fact that Black Panther has been nominated for 7 Oscars including best picture, I fuckin kid you not!  But let’s be honest here for a moment the Oscars aren’t a celebration of movies and the medium anymore, they’re a celebration of mainstream Hollywood and whatever direction the political wind blows. It is all about pushing a political agenda, they nominated it purely because of the outrage a year or two back that there weren’t any black actors nominated for an Oscar, by now pretending that Black Panther is some sort of theatrical Masterpiece. And what is going to happen now is if it doesn’t win, the social media mobs will lose their shit.

And if for some ungodly reason it does win the best picture nomination we will now get one token movie each year that will receive a “Participation Oscar”. Now don’t get me wrong I liked Black Panther, but it isn’t even the best superhero movie of 2018, much less the best picture. You know which superhero movie actually deserves an Oscar nod?  Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse: an innovative movie with a diverse cast of great characters, with real heart and a message that anyone, regardless of gender or race can be a hero. Hell, I would even go as far as to say that Logan and Infinity War where far superior superhero movies than Black Panther. Why dismiss all of the superhero movies up until Black Panther?  If it isn’t clearly obvious that this is nothing more than an attempt to fulfill some diversity quota, then I don’t know what is.

[Editorial Note:] And as always I can predict any criticism of the movie’s nominations will be called into question and the racism card will be pulled out just like it was when the movie was released.

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