Oh no Ghostbusters 3 confirmed…

No no just no! They will ever be able to re-create the Ghostbusters magic of the original movies, even if they had the same cast and they all wanted to be in it and they somehow magically brought Harold Ramis back from the dead. I will repeat this only once: Nostalgia doesn’t always equal success financial or otherwise. I take it they didn’t learn anything with the failure of the 2016 remake. The original movie and by extensions the sequels were Dan Aykroyds idea and then Ramis took it and wrote it into what we all love to this day. If anything, this is too little, too late. Hollywood has truly run out of ideas and are now digging up the corpses of franchises that have been put to rest years ago, in the hopes that they can milk it for as much money as humanly possible….

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