PewDiePie Vs Mainstream media and their fabricated lies

Without sounding too much like a tinfoil loving conspiracy theorist, it does seem like the recent attacks on PewDiePie his person and career by the media seems extremely coordinated especially by the media and social media celebrities. And this wasn’t the first time this has happened, previously he was also involved in a witch hunt that called him a supporter of the Nazi ideology, not forgetting calling him a racist for using the “N-word” during a live stream event. All these narratives are carefully crafted so that the media can portray him as a hateful, racist, anti-semite who is influencing millions of his fans to do exactly the same. The latest controversy?

He promoted someone’s YouTube channel who happens to have another channel that had some colorful and rather controversial opinion on certain topics if you catch my drift. And just like the media outlets and the brainless sheep that hang on every word they write and say kicked into overdrive, flooding the internet with articles and a narrative that he someone is pro-Nazism and antisemitic. And the reason for these coordinated attacks against PewDiePie? Because journalists are afraid of YouTubers like PewDiePie and e-celebrities because they have now more pull and influence over the people who follow them than traditional media outlets.

PewDiePie and many other guys and girls are now where the average Joe on the internet goes for the news and the truth, totally bypassing the traditional media. And I find it rather suspect that PewDiePie uploads videos regularly that heavily criticizes the old media for their clickbait style reporting and their dishonest reporting, it is almost as if they have their knives out for e-celebrities that are critical again them. Or maybe it is about the money? PewDiePie’s net worth is $78 million. Most of these journalists and publications won’t see that amount of money in their lifetime and are struggling to keep their publications afloat in a world that is moving towards alternative media for their news/reviews.

And unlike what these journalists and publications want us to believe they aren’t the guardians of the public good or the exposers of truth and supporters of freedom. They no longer stand for those ideals, they need to write stories on a regular basis. Ones that will please their bosses and make them money and generate a buzz. So, they have to come up with something, anything so they can generate that buzz that will create controversy and clicks on their websites. Even worse there are people out there that actually believes that garbage being written by PewDiePie, they don’t even bother trying to find out the truth instead they just blindly consume what the news and media websites feed them and then regurgitates it on social media websites like Twitter.

And judging by these attacks it seems the penny has dropped for these journalists and media outlets who are now fighting to stay relevant, this was bound to happen when you call your own demographic that you are supposed to be speaking to racist, sexist and misogynistic at every opportunity. So, it comes as no surprise that people like me are looking at other avenues for reviews and opinions that aren’t mainstream media. And no, I am not denying the fact that there are still journalists out there today that work tirelessly to defend the truth, expose corruption and risk their lives on a daily basis. Most of today’s modern-day journalists would happily be dishonest and outright lie and bend the truth so they can craft a false narrative as long as it gets them on the front page…

[Editorial Note:] If you have to fabricate stories about someone to evoke some kind of public witch-hunt, you are a fucken garbage human being and not worthy of calling yourself a journalist. And always remember when dealing with the mainstream media: “Why are they telling me this, what aren’t they telling me and is what they are telling me an accurate representation of the truth?”

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