Journalists now writing hit pieces on support animals

Imagine having such a slow news day that you are willing to write a hit piece on a dead ex-president’s support dog Sully. I cannot tell if it is new levels of stupidity or a new low for journalism. I am going to just come right out and say this: It seems apparent that Ruth Graham doesn’t know much about dogs, or service animals judging by the article. And it is abundantly clear that they don’t have a pet because if they did, they would know that animals and humans take very little to get attached to each other, 6 months for a human is 3.5 years in a dog’s life.

Why does it matter if it was only 6 months and not 6 years? A good support dog is still a good support dog, irrelevant of time spent with the human it is helping. Dogs love with open hearts and unconditionally, they don’t judge or hate. Sully was there for President Bush and his family when they needed him. He gave comfort and assistance when President Bush lost his beloved wife. You seem to be a bitter jaded woman who lacks any and all sympathy, maybe it is time for some self-reflection when a support animal shows more empathy, love, and compassion than the human who wrote this article…

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2 Responses to Journalists now writing hit pieces on support animals

  1. drnc11 says:

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    Writers who use the most mundane material for political hit pieces are not journalists.

  2. jonolan says:

    Certain sorts are like that and should be shunned by right thinking society as being unworthy of inclusion into the body of the nation.

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