Villains with facial scarring? Not in our entertainment!

“Hello there disfigured and scared people, we have decided that for us to promote body positivity in everyone that we will be erasing you from our movies and television shows. You are welcome, yours sincerely the BFI.” The year is 2018 where everything is racist, everything his sexist and anything can be viewed as being “problematic” Where people now demand safe spaces in metal mosh pits and eating Sushi is viewed as cultural appropriation. And virtual characters are made into ambassadors to solve real world problems. So what is next on the social issue list?

No one in their right mind who doesn’t eat crayons and sniffs their own farts believe that people with deformity, disfigurement and scar are inherently evil. Because most people can tell the difference between a work of fiction and reality.

Have you ever thought that these people find it empowering and uplifting to be actors in these shows? And for people who are visibly and physically different, it is not always possible to fit in with the rest of society. So sometimes standing out on purpose is the only way to can make a living and integrate themselves into society. I believe people with physical deformities have a right to display themselves in movies or television shows if that is what makes them happy and pays the bills.

It is not the movie industries place to influence anyone, sure they can create something that would inspire someone. But it is not your or anyone else’s place to tell them what or who they should be including or excluding in the creative process. Don’t like something don’t watch it then or go and create your own movies. And you got to love it when these moral busy bodies use the excuse: “But think of the children.” when they want to enforce their silly rules and use it as an excuse to restrict artistic expression. Most children these days aren’t as stupid and guilable as you make them out to be and in some cases are for more progressive than most adults. But it does not stop the adults from making idiotic choices for them…

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