Good grief, Charlie Brown is now a racist

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown himself:

The fact that there is a black character at all that isn’t a racist stereotype in a cartoon from the 1970’s should be more than enough evidence against that accusations. When asked by the head of cartoon’s publisher, United feature Syndicate, if he was sure he wanted to add a black character, Glickman says Shultz replied, “Either, you run it the way I drew it, or I quit.” Franklin is not the only character who is sitting by himself. Both Marcy and Linus are also sitting alone, and it makes sense that Snoopy shares the same side of the table as Charlie Brown. Sally is Charlie’s sister so it makes sense that they sit next to each other, pretty logical if you have half a brain. So it only took 45 years for people to be offended by the Charlie Brown thanksgiving special. There should be a statute of limitation on political correctness outrage.

[Editorial Note:] When you think there is nothing left, no area or topic, where race can’t be injected into a subject these people go and prove you wrong…

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