Jezebel fails to understand Nirvana and grunge movement

Firstly, you can fuck right off, you weren’t even born during the grunge period to even know the full extent of Nirvana’s influence on the music and grunge scene during the 90’s. Of course, people like Maria Sherman don’t have the perspective to see the historical and musical context of Nirvana’s influence on the music industry. So, the entire point of this word salad article is that because he sang a song about rape, you are going to dismiss the entire album? In a song that was written because of the brutal libel case that his wife at the time was going through?

I just love how you had to make Cobain a misogynist though, even though Kurt Cobain was miles ahead of major artists on the progressive meter. But this certainly does not entitle you to write a hit piece about a musical artist who wrote outspoken, raw, earnest music about mental illness, identity, and violence. He stood up for women and gay people and marginalized people in an era when it wasn’t. Seriously, how does the whole article never even mention “All Apologies,” which is an amazing song and one of Nirvana’s crown jewels? That fact alone means you had no idea what you were talking about…

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