Apu being written out of Simpsons due to controversy

Seems the Simpsons creators caved too the moral outrage brigade and have now removed Apu from the Simpsons show. I honestly don’t understand why they are pandering to these kinds of people, the ones that don’t even watch the show. Apu isn’t just another Indian stereotype, he’s had a number of wonderful episodes build around him to build him as a part of the Simpsons cast. And the irony behind all of this? They are about to “de-diversify” a cartoon show. He is one of the only major Indian-American characters on television at the moment.

By erasing Apu, they are basically erasing representation. So with what other Indian-Americans are we left with? Raj from the Big Bang Theory? Not to mention, he may be the single most capable character in the entire Simpsons show. Most of Springfield is filled with incompetent retards, but Apu never fails to complete a task or fulfill an obligation. The entire show is based on stereotypical exaggerations, so are they going to remove all of the show’s characters? Don’t believe me? Well shit let’s list them shall we:

The useless husband:

The dutiful wife:

The rebellious son:

The perfect daughter:

The lazy policeman:

The greedy corporate CEO:

The washed-up actor:

The nerdy comic book guy:

The holier than though Christian dad:

The drunk Scotish groundskeeper:

See where I am going with this? The Simpsons is a mirror of American society, it dishes out exaggerated truths equally. The reason why The Simpsons have been so popular for so many years is because it goes out of their way to offend everyone which is why it is so successful. Having said that Apu is one of the more sympathetic characters in The Simpsons. On a show filled to the brim with complete idiots and sociopaths, Apu has always been written as one of the smarter, more self-aware characters on the show. The perpetually offended groud have completely missed the nuance in the characters in the show.

He is intelligent, nuanced, hard-working, and an example to every person that has ever watched this show. And how immigrants have to work twice as hard to attain their dreams. He is probably, in my opinion, the show’s most respected character. And if the morally outraged brigade seriously thinks any sane person would base their opinions off Indians based on Apu, you have no faith in humanity, and ill-equipped to actually comment on the subject. Most people can distinguish between reality and fiction. And for those who can’t, they were probably lost causes well before the Simpsons came around. It is like there is a cadre of “thought inspectors”, constantly on the alert for anything which may be, if viewed a certain way, “offensive” to someone.

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