Kids should be taught cultural appropriation this Halloween!

Translation: “How to suck the joy out of everything because you are too concerned with the feelings of an easily offended stranger”

Welcome to 2018 where even your kids aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween anymore because of “reasons”. Because the only thing that should be on of a 4-year-olds mind is cultural appropriation and being worried about the easily triggered’s feelings? Not the fact that they get to be their hero/heroine for just an evening and pretend to be like them. You know that thing we all did as children? What a great way to foster diversity in your children. Create lovable characters that they can relate but that only people of the right race and skin colour can fully enjoy. Shouldn’t you be teaching your kids to embrace different cultures?  I remember the good old days when cultural appropriation was called being a cultural melting pot, and that it was considered a good thing.

So, we should keep our cultures, and such totally separate? No mixing of culture? Sounds a lot like racial segregation to me. Yes, at this point I would like to point out that you should remove the stick from your ass and chill the fuck out. And no, you should not force your self-imposed social justice morals on your kids. It is Holloween a time they get to dress up as whoever or whatever they want to be, allowing their imaginations to run wild. It is not a time to try and indoctrinate them into your social cult, let kids be fucken kids. Leave your political bullshit at the door!  The fact that some people have the audacity to believe that if their culture originated something it gives them the eternal right to declare what is off limit and who is allowed to partake in that culture boggles my mind…

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