Am I the only one loving the new “NPC” meme?

The new NPC meme is pretty hilarious, especially how it attempts to explain why Social Justice Warriors all think and act in such a robotic manner. For those none gamers out there NPC stands for “non-player character”, which in video game terms is the characters in video games controlled by a rudimentary AI. The term describes their beliefs, or in this case their “software”, that is put into people by the Social Justice movement. NPC describes the person or in this case the “hardware” that allows the beliefs to be installed on them. So when an NPC receives information that conflicts with its programming, they tend to give out the same “error codes” or in this case calling anyone who disagrees with their opinion a: “Racist, Nazi, Sexist Homophobe” ect.

But the very same people who claim that this meme “Tries To Dehumanize SJWs” :

Are the very same people who will dehumanize gamers or anyone who does not agree with what they are saying by calling them: Racist, Nazi, Sexist Homophobe” or the good old favorite of Social media: “Russian Bots” as our favorite fat hypocrite Jim Sterling demonstrates with a tweet that lacks zero self-awareness:

But then again good old Jim has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, but the blinding hypocrisy by these people is on full display on social media at the moment:

I mean, most of the people who use these kinds of memes aren’t Nazis or anything close to them. It’s just funny to see people take this shit seriously and scream into the void and accuse everyone including me who are using this meme as being some sort of “secret” Nazi:

This meme spawned out of a refusal by these SJW’s to question…anything really. And why things are the way they are, instead they just mindlessly follow the order given to them. You guessed it just like a video game NPC. It totally makes sense and is an interesting view of a long understood revelation that most people who have been involved in #GamerGate and #ComicGate have known for years.

These people react with anger and get easily “triggered” but they are not emotionally involved on a deeper level with anything. That is why you see them jump from the one outrage onto the next easily forgetting why they got angry in the first place. They rely heavily on things like hashtags, buzzwords, and incomprehensible jargon to get their points across. Anything outside of that field they simply cannot “compute” or in this case fathom.

And the irony about the outrage on display about getting called an NPC? Somewhere deep down these people know that they act like NPC characters in a video game and their reaction to this speaks volumes. The NPCs reaction to being called an NPC has been predictable. One might even say their reactions is scripted…

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