Another shocking article in Sunday Times on Comic Con Africa

This must be a new record for uneducated South Africa journalists, two bad articles about the South African Geek/Nerd movement in two weeks. Expecting these people to even do a simple Google search and 30 minutes of research on the subject they write about seems to be asking and expecting too much from them. These articles clearly demonstrate a lack of general integrity, which is supposed to be a cornerstone of being a journalist. This is now the second article that The Sundays Times have written, that you can basically describe as being pure garbage, actually wait a minute calling it garbage would be an insult to garbage itself. Because garbage used to be useful at one point in its life, this article not so much. According to the writer, Geek culture has moved on from being overrun by shy introverted people and now is filled with obnoxious internet trolls.

Yeah no, fuck you and your stereotypes. Then predictably they pulled out the hobby has a “toxic white male” problem, without any evidence to backup their claims and statements. And swiftly moved on to claim that Geek/Nerd movement is exclusionary because it is too expensive for kids going to public schools. Guess what I am a massive geek and I went to a public school so fuck your stereotypical views of me and my culture. Geek/Nerd culture unlike your stereotypical views of us as a group is one of the most welcoming groups you could ever be a part of. But you would not know this because you did zero research before writing this article and like clockwork with international publications like Polygon and Kotaku they decided to include the ever-present #GamerGate boogyman in this. Calling it the “relentless harassment” of women in gaming.

And a push back on the feminization of our hobby, which was the exact opposite of what the #Gamergate movement was and still is. Gaming/Geek/Nerd culture as a whole has been made into easy targets/scapegoats for all the worlds’ social problems, ever since the early 90’s when Gaming/Geek/Nerd culture became more mainstream. So GamerGate was an attempt by people like myself in the Gaming/Geek/Nerd culture as a whole to finally start fighting back with facts. Even with the constant near-monthly pieces of actual research proving violent games have no correlation to violent behavior, you still have people and mainstream media spouting that violent games make people violent. Not to mention the exposed corruption/nepotism within the video game journalism industry is what also helped spark the GamerGate movement.

[Editorial Note:] All the lies and rhetoric these people keep spewing about how Geek/Nerd culture is toxic is one of the reasons I am a GamerGate supporter and why I started writing and why I created this blog…

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  1. Shakil davis says:

    You know that comic better represents your way of thinking.

  2. Shakil davis says:

    The culture has problems accept it and try to fix it instead of wasting your energy denying it.

  3. Shakil davis says:

    You are terrible

  4. Shakil davis says:

    Get over yourself you dumb bigot. There are problems in geek culture. deal with it.

    • larch says:

      Yeah, can we have some evidence of my bigotry please? Otherwise get the fuck out of my comment section you crayon eating retard.

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