Sunday Times shocking article on Comic Con Africa

You know what I am used to the already bad standards of reporting when it comes to international publications when it comes to video games and geek culture publications like Polygon and Kotaku has set the bar pretty low, with dozens of inaccurate “hit pieces” and click bait styled article being published each month.  But never in a million years would I imagine a local publication would manage to post one that would lower the bar any further:

The Sunday Times posted which I can only describe as garbage article, actually wait a minute calling it garbage would be an insult to garbage itself. Because garbage used to be useful at one point in its life, this article not so much. And while the image itself isn’t big enough to read and make out what was said a user going by the name of Marco Cocomello managed to get a transcribed version. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 over here. So I decided to dig into this dumpster fire of an article, to showcase what counts as “journalism” and I use the term extremely liberally…

Not even a paragraph into the article and he has pretty much already insulted all the female cosplayers and women working at Comic Con 2018. Comparing them too “obese puffing Darth Vader” basically calling them fat. Just imagine the amount of shit he would have gotten if he wrote the same paragraph about people at the Wedding Expo or Baby Expo? But because gaming and geek culture is not as big and mainstream as in other countries like Europe and the USA, and the “jock mentality” is still prevalent in South Africa. Which seems to have emboldened the author to make such insensitive remarks.

I know things like virtual reality and esports is a foreign concept to a knuckle-dragging caveman like yourself, but maybe you should join the rest of us in the 21st century…

And what is wrong with that may I ask? You get to meet an actor or someone you have idolized for years and in some cases even look up to for inspiration. And for many including myself, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity considering South Africa has never had a Comic Con event ever. But someone as joyless as you don’t seem to grasp some of the excitement that comes with meeting your hero for the first time.

I must ask. Why are you so bothered by other people having fun? Were you forced to report on Comic Con? Or were you annoyed that someone else was having fun at an event and you felt left out because you did not understand the culture or what was happening?

Just five fuckin minutes and Google was all you needed to know that there is a massive difference between a Nerd and a Geek:

  • Geek – An enthusiast of a particular topic or field. Geeks are “collection” oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject has to offer.
  • Nerd – A studious intellectual, although again of a particular topic or field. Nerds are “achievement” oriented, and focus their efforts on acquiring knowledge and skill over trivia and memorabilia.

And the writer of the article calls himself a journalist? This clearly demonstrates a complete and utter lack of understanding on the topic at even the most basic of levels how this article even got published with the editors go ahead amazes me.

And might I ask the author what is the difference between a Geek/Nerd “losing their shit” over something like board game or memorabilia, and a sports fan “losing their shit” over their favourite team winning or losing a championship. Absolutely NO DIFFERENCE, the only difference here is you are judging people for things they get excited about which you have no understanding of.

Yeah, because being overly polite is a bad thing, right? Maybe if more people acted like these people did at Comic Con Africa the world would be a better place yes? And the fact that you would even entertain being intentionally rude to them speaks more to your character or the lack thereof than anything else you have said in this article so far.

Yet you spent the entirety of your article belittling, making fun of and ridiculing the people who attended Comic Con Africa:

So, I really don’t get the point of the last paragraph of this article, because that last paragraph gets pretty much invalidated completely by the rest of this garbage article or opinion piece whatever you want to call it. How did this make it too print? You basically belittled an entire subculture because of your own ignorance and disinterest when it comes to the event itself. I simply cannot get over how unnecessarily mean-spirited the entire article was, and that is somehow got published in a South African national newspaper without anyone checking and raising a red flag about its content.

[Editorial Note:] And people wonder why I have such love/hate relationship when it comes to reporters and the media…

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