So shitting on your fanbase does not work, who knew!

When a company questions the intelligence of its fans/critics, & attacks them so openly and so badly, that’s when things go badly. Don’t believe me? Then ask Disney about Solo and The Last Jedi, not to mention Paul Feig of the Ghost Buster reboot. So imagine my shock:

When the same thing is now happening with Electronic Arts and DICE, okay not really shocked more like thoroughly amused because clearly these people never learn from the mistakes of others. So I present to you a “tragedy” in three images or in this case headlines:

When the product they were trying to sell fails horribly and makes no money. They turn around and blame it on toxic masculinity, toxic fandom, or some other made up reason. Wash repeat and rinse. We have seen this happen with The Ghostbusters reboot we have seen this with the Starwars Solo movie, insulting your fanbase does not work! Dice/Electronic Arts I am going to be as straightforward as possible with you here: This is the kind of willfully ignorant antagonism is contrary to building a healthy relationship between the video game industry and its fans. This type of blatant antagonism turns away people from the product you are trying to sell and isn’t productive at all…

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  1. Prophet says:

    I wish we could have [more] games, movies and music well ‘art-forms’ where its just the medium presenting itself without having to be a conformity or selling point of sorts.

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