Patrick Klepek has a few skeletons in his closet…

Patrick Klepek continuing to be the scum of the video game journalism industry, even after leaving Kotaku and joining Vice should not really surprise anyone at this point anymore. I can’t believe somebody like Patrick who is so blatantly and intellectually dishonest can still find work in an industry that is no longer a valid medium for most gamers like myself. As far as journalistic ethics go, Klepek is just as morally dishonest and corrupt as the rest of the video game industry:

If you can lie and slander to the demographic you are supposedly catering to just to advance your career and get a few extra clicks for your publication, then you are human garbage. He himself was responsible for creating a lot of false narratives and mislabeling of information, which led to a lot of negative feelings being dumped onto the gaming industry. Adding even more fuel to the already burning fire. Not to mention gamer’s who dared to speak out against their cronyism and nepotism, were also regularly target by him and Kotaku. The worst part is that he has a degree in Journalism, from the University of Illinois, so he should know better. Game journalist scum like Patrick Klepek is always ready and eager to attempt to ruin people’s careers and smear them if their politics don’t align:

And this isn’t the first time he has attempted to get someone fired, he also instigated Kevin Dent’s blacklisting on GameGameJournoPros. And tried to go after Pewdiepie multiple times. I also still remember the day when Patrick Klepek went after the head of an anti-child trafficking organization because his friend got fired from Nintendo for moonlighting as a prostitute. But turns around and defends people like James Gunn got making a “few harmless pedophile jokes!” 

You see when it is someone you like or support then neither the facts or the context matters, a different social standard for different people. “We need to give people space to grow, and learn from their past” But wait a darn minute when PewDiePie made a misstep didn’t these same people called for blood? Turns out “Rules for thee, not for me” is the motto these people so ardently follow. Patrick Klepek was also one of the most ardent supporters of the idea that people should be held accountable for the things they say and do on social media. So it comes as no surprise that he has a few skeletons of his own in his closet:

Wow, Patrick that sure is problematic isn’t it…and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more than half a dozen image screengrabbed by a chap named Nick Monroe over on Twitter. Some of these are beyond cringy and would be considered sexual harassment by today’s standards. And as you might have guessed he quickly deleted all of the evidence including deleting over 5000 tweets on Twitter:

I mean this doesn’t look like he has something to hide at all now does it? But this isn’t the first time he has deleted or in this case, asked something to be deleted that would put him in a bad light:

You can’t just disagree with people online, you have to try to ruin their entire lives and claim you have the moral high ground. Patrick is the very definition of a hypocrite, but the irony is not lost on me though going in for yet another character assassination, but instead get’s his whole filthy past dug up:

Where is the context here Patrick? I wonder what type of excuses you will come up with for images like these? “But I was just an edgy teen, but I have grown as a person since then.” If there is any lesson to be had when it comes to video game journalists like Patrick is that the loudest always have the most skeletons in their closet.

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