You will like our movies or there will be “consequences”

The entire headline can be summed up in a single sentence: “You will like our movies or there will be “consequences.” Well, what can they possibly do? Stop making Star Wars movies? Make good Star Wars movies? Either way, we the fans win I suppose? This just highlights the fucken entitlement of Hollywood, you spent over 4 billion dollars on this franchise and expect to have several blockbusters per year by trying to milk fans like myself. That was not our choice that all falls on Hollywood and its own corporate greed.

If Disney stopped making Star Wars movies would anybody care? Would we really lose anything of value at all? At the end of the day. WE the CONSUMERS, have the real power. Not the director, producer or any actor in the movie. Because we can all just not watch the movie. And that scares them. How is threatening fans with undefined consequences going to convince them to put any more money into this franchise? All I can say is bring on the “consequences”, greedy assholes.

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1 Response to You will like our movies or there will be “consequences”

  1. RTheren says:

    Consequences… Are they fucking serious?
    What are they gonna do? Strap me to a chair and tape my eyelids, so I can’t blink, and force watch Star Wars?

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