Scarlett Johansson pulls out of trans film

Firstly let me get this off my chest, I am so “proud” of everyone whose social media activism helped make this happen. Thanks to all of you of bitched and complained about Scarlett Johansson portraying a trans man. Thanks to you millions of people will now never get to see a top Hollywood star portrayal of a transgender person. The movie in all likelihood will never be made now. Another huge “victory” for social justice! Let’s put this in perspective, they had one of the biggest actors in the world today.

Starring in a film that would bring awareness and possibly compassion to the trans community but now instead the chances are pretty high the movie will get canned or have some unknown trans actor in the role and complain when no one goes to see it. I am already seeing these people congratulating themselves for a job well done. Well, I guess congratulations are in order you harassed a woman into compliance. Hurray for progressive feminism! Headline two weeks from now: “Rub & Tug Cancelled”.

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