Pokémon episode won’t air because of “blackface” concerns

Does anyone else think the people who make such a big issue of things like this are the ones being racist if they see a monkey-like pokemon and instantly say that it looks like a person of color?  And in all honesty, it took me several seconds to figure out why they were mad at this particular Pokémon episode. Why do people like this assume every reference to people and monkeys is directed at black people? It has always been interesting to me to see people draw the conclusion that anything that deals with a human imitating a monkey is somehow racist.

How are the creators of the episode comparing black people to ape-like Pokémon exactly?

Polygon seems to have forgotten that the definition of blackface is not merely “dark face paint”, but a specific depiction of humans of African descent. So don’t give me that “blackface” bullshit. He is dressing up like that to befriend a Pokémon which just so happens has a dark face because it’s based off ape-like creatures. The controversy regarding Jynx and Mr. Popo in the early 2000’s understandable because they matched all of the hallmarks of blackface cartoons:

That’s simply not the case with Ash’s Passimian costume. There are none of the hallmarks of blackface: No big red lips, beady white eyes, turban, or grotesque attempt at ebonics.  The only resemblance to blackface in this episode of Pokémon is the fact that dark paint was used. People can find racism in the dumbest of things, including a stupid Pokémon episode.

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