Fruzsina Eordogh & Forbes hit piece on TotalBiscuit

Before I start a big shout out to Forbs and the writer Fruzsina Eordogh who wrote this trash. Actually calling this article trash would be overshooting it. Trash was at least useful at some point in it’s existence, the entire article basically amounts to character assassination and pure insensitivity. And aimed at a man who can no longer defend himself and a family grieving over the loss of a husband and a father. Fuck you Furzina and fuck Forbs for allowing this to be published, you are journalistic vultures, actually, wait to call you vultures would be an insult to actual vultures.

I have had my disagreement with John in the past and he has me blocked on Twitter. And yet it still saddens me to know that he is no longer with us, and I would not wish what he went through on my worst enemy. Having said that I have Total Biscuit to thank for my involvement in #GamerGate and making me aware of the movement, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Why the fuck does Genna Bain need to do anything at this point? Who died and made you the internet’s moral police? And why on Gods green earth would she want to take advice from a hack writer like yourself working for a scummy publication likes Forbes. She is under no obligation to do anything other than to mourn the loss of her husband. And Bain’s reputation is just fine, despite people like you trying to shit on it with hit pieces like this, only two months after his death. He contributed massively to the gaming industry and cancer awareness and achieved more than what you would be able to achieve in your sad and rather pathetic career.

“History is written by the victors, after all” I almost choked on my coffee when I read this. Basically what she is saying “It sucks that you are dead, because now I can say whatever I want, because you can’t defend yourself anymore.” How utterly fucking disgusting was that statement?  No one deserves cancer, no one deserves to die just because you don’t like somebody for something they may have said in the past, and they certainly don’t deserve having you dancing on their graves proclaiming yourself the victor. While busting out the “right side of history” cliche. And no history is not written by the victors, it’s written by the historians.

Not only do you have the gall to shit on dead man through nothing but made up lies, but you actually tried to get Genna his wife to talk to you while writing up a hit piece on him! Where you that self-absorbed and arrogant in assuming she would actually make contact with you? People who go after those who can’t defend themselves any longer, people who lie and make baseless claims about someone’s character are the lowest of low. And this might not mean much coming from a nobody blogger like myself, but I would not even piss on you if you were on fire.

And I am guessing Genna saw the article and posted the above message on Twitter. Reading her Tweet broke my heart, she is still grieving for her husband and coping with the fact that people who disliked TotalBiscuit are dancing all over his grave with joy. Now she has to fend off soulless journalistic vultures like Fruzsina Eordogh and Forbes, who are trying their absolute hardest to shit all over a dead man’s legacy…

[Editorial Note:] I started writing this as the news broke but put it on the back burner, so before publishing it I went to visit Fruzsina Eordogh Twitter account and you can pretty much guess how she reacted:

No fuck you TotalBiscuit is not responsible for any of this, no single person should be held accountable for other peoples actions on social media.

You waited a whole month before publishing it? You are such a saint! And does that mean you already wrote this right after his death?

You still tried to contact a grieving wife for your hit piece, if you find nothing wrong with that then you are a sociopath of note…

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