Remember our good friend Andrew Dobson? Well he is back…

Remember our good friend Andrew Dobson? He is well known comic trip creator not for his talent or skills but for his deceitful propaganda. Dobson himself is practically irrelevant these days, and nowhere near as well known as he was a couple of years ago. The last few months some of Dobson’s strips have gone viral including how white nerds hate the Black Panther because they can’t identify with him based on his race. Giving him a new level of attention he hasn’t seen since his days on Deviant Art. This new found fame has served to fuel his already overinflated ego to extreme levels, and he has since started reposting some of his older comics with the intent to keep the focus on him and stir up more controversy. Well, he is at it again, this time having a go at Starwars fans:

Rather ironic when you consider he did the exact same thing a few years ago, but the internet never forgets. Hypocrites like him tend to forget before going onto social media:

Of course, when he was found out by people on Twitter he quickly did a 180-degree turn:

The only reason you are condoning it now Dobson is that you were caught out in your hypocrisy. But this isn’t the first time for Dobson, oh no he also happily wished death on Donald Trump and got reported for it:

But dear old Dobson has a history of doing this, so this whole I am going to be a “better person” act he is now displaying on Twitter is utter and complete bullshit. Let us count the way he has become a “better person” over the years on social media:

Wow, aren’t we the abusive little shit on Twitter hey Andrew? Better watch out that the halo you are now wearing doesn’t slip and choke you out. So I really don’t feel any shame for publically exposing a racist/sexist/hateful person for who they really are. A hypocrite and two faced lier, who used cheap deceitful propaganda in his comic strips.

[Editorial Note:] There is an entire website that has cataloged his “adventures” on social media which you can find here.

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