Apparently Detroit Become Human treats woman badly

You want inclusion and diversity in video games? You want to be treated like all the male video characters in a game? Well shit, welcome to the club! People always talk about straight white male “privilege” and yet when we have a character, get the very same treatment as their male counterpart then all of a sudden inclusion and diversity goes out the window. This is what it means to be included in media like video games. You can’t on the want one hand want inclusion and diversity.

And have a virtual video game character be treated like everyone else, and then turn around and ask for special treatment once you don’t like what is happening to them. That isn’t how thing work. So according to Heather at Kotaku male characters can suffer in video games, but women need a fairy tale perfect story where everything is rainbows and unicorns. So now you sit with a moral conundrum, either you want equal treatment for fictional characters in video games, or you don’t you simply cannot have it both ways.

[Editorial Note:] This entire article is a ridiculous reach to justify the headline all the while having a go at David Cage.

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2 Responses to Apparently Detroit Become Human treats woman badly

  1. Mike Phalin says:

    Reblogged this on Syxx Sense Media and commented:
    Gaming journalists simply use the platform at this point to complain that their sensitivities are not taking in account by game developers.

  2. Mike Phalin says:

    You mean the pink haired millennial is complaining about CURRENT YEAR stuff in video games? I’m … I’m just shocked.

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