Apparently Scarlet Witch’s costume is to revealing…

If you asked me to describe Scarlet Witch’s costume in the Avengers movies, its red would have probably been my first answer. When the article mentioned her cleavage I thought “oh, she had cleavage?” I honestly never noticed her cleavage in ANY of the Avenger movies. Having said that she does come off as a bit of a hypocrite when she makes statements like that while wearing something like this to the Avengers premier:

I mean Scarlet Witch wears far more revealing outfits in the Marvel Universe than Elizabeth Olsen is currently wearing in The Avengers movies:

That hasn’t stopped cosplayers from actually cosplaying as Scarlet Witch in her more revealing outfits and actually pulling it off:

In before but she is going to battle she should wear something more appropriate for the situation! Bitch please, we are talking about a movie that has a talking potplant, a guy that turns green and mean and a talking raccoon. There isn’t anything appropriate or realistic about the entire movie. I guess I’m just used to women showing as much if not more when you consider what she is showing off during the movie is almost nothing anyway…

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  1. Mike Price says:

    Says a woman who is usually topless or naked in her movies. Doesnt matter anyways. Disney now owns the rights to the X-Men again. So now they can put the REAL Girl That Moves Things With Her Mind in the movies and Scarlet Witch can go back into obscurity where she belongs.

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