I should be better than this…

I have been an amateur blogger and writer for more than 10 years, about the same length of time I have been running Suitably Bored, and the regulars to my blog would know I rift pretty heavily on how video game journalism has become absolute garbage the last couple of years. And that at any given time I write a dozen articles about it every month sperging out and ranting and raving about their incompetence at their jobs and how they don’t do research and fact-checking properly.

And I have always tried to hold myself above doing any of that when writing my articles, and yet with my the last article regarding  the entire Bully Hunters drama I failed in verifying a rumor that was conveyed to me via direct message on Twitter, and to make matters worse I posted that in my article without contacting the person first to hear what was being said about them was in fact true. That alone was irresponsible of me which could have damaged the person’s career and image and there is simply no excuse for that.

Only thing I can say is that I will make sure in the future this never ever happens again, this was a hard lesson for me to have learned as I have been absolutely taken out on Twitter for my mistake by the person in question and their followers all of which I absolutely deserve. It is a hard lesson to have been taught, but one that I needed to learn, I also made an error in not attributing a quote to the very same person due to a publishing mistake and a neglect not to check that it was done correctly.

And all of that is on me, I edited the article and removed all of the incorrect statements and archived the original so people can view the original here. I also released a public apology on Twitter which you can find here in the hopes of undoing the damage I have done. This has been a real wakeup call for me, this is not just some random blog anything I put on here should be held to a higher standard, and if I don’t do it properly the damage can be real as well as the repercussions…

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