How society treats male/female sexual predators differently

Am I the only noticing the difference between a male and female sex offender being caught and the media reporting on it and the subsequent comments from the average Joe on the street? Example below:

For you who don’t know the story behind this. Stephanie Peterson, a 26-year-old teacher at New Smyrna Middle School in Florida, is accused of having a “sexual relationship” with a 14-year-old student. The science teacher also sent the boy nude photos, police say. First thing I noticed is and I am sure you will notice it too now that I am pointing it out, is when a picture of the person get’s released the news uses the best possible picture of said female sexual predator from her Instagram looking like she is ready to hit the catwalk. While on the flip side when a picture of a male sexual predator gets released, we get pictures of a guy that looks like he was binge drinking for a week without any sleep. Comments on the first article invertibility always end up being along the lines of: “nice”, “jealous”, “where were these teachers when I was in school”:

Let that sink in over 7500 people liked this tweet and 1300 retweeted this. But I can guarantee if it was a male (Fabio-lookalike motherfucker) teacher and a 14-year-old girl and she would do anything to get in his pants, no one would even think that was kosher. He’d be in jail before you could even blink. Followed by social media comments like: “fucking monster”, “cut his nuts off”, “they’ll love him in prison” ect. Double standards like this pisses me off big time. I hate to think of all the crap men have to go through and how society treats our problems. Now if I were a 14-year-old boy I’d be all “Fuck yeah, I’m sleeping with the hot teacher!” But as a responsible grown ass adult, I would slam the fuckin brakes on so quickly. Now the law states that it would still be statutory rape, just not invoke the “violent” connotations of “rape” but still rape though.

You also have to take into account the position of authority teachers have over kids. Now you add in the dynamics of sex and sexuality into the mix of what people in authority and power are allowed to do which creates an extremely dangerous mix. Then you get fucken retards like this who state that a woman cannot rape a man:

I got bad news for you but male rape is a real thing. Having an erection does not mean a man consents to sex. The reverse applies to a woman I am sure you can connect the dots here. An erection can be initiated by more than just mental or physical stimulation. This is not a difficult concept to grasp and most men can attest to that, hell even I got random boners during my teenage years it happens. I hate it when people try to sugar coat these types of actions when it revolves around female predators, rape is a crime committed by both male and females, and in both cases, it is absolutely disgusting. A middle schooler, boy or girl, is NOT mentally mature enough to consent to sex. They can’t even take care of themselves properly yet. So how would they handle something as emotional as having sex?

[Editorial Note:] We all know were the genders reversed the outcome would have been totally different…

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