Logan Paul: A leopard can’t change its spots

Should we be surprised at all with Logan Paul at this point in time? So right after recording a dead body and making light of the situation he went straight back to being the dumb piece of shit he’s always been. And like I stated in my previous article all his apologies were the most half-assed, narcissistic, pretentious, and absolutely conceited “apology” I have ever seen in my fucking life. But to think some people actually bought into his bullshit “apology” video.

While I am not shocked at his latest stunt, tasing dead rats and poking at a fish struggling to breath, what I am really surprised about is the fact that the stupid asshole wasn’t smart enough to at least wait a month or to before doing something fucken stupid again. And I see some people and his fans defending it way saying: “oh the rat was dead” uh yeah? Going out of your way to desecrate corpses of any living thing is pretty disgusting not to mention pretty tasteless if you ask me.

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