The curious case of August Ames and her bullies

Jesus fucken Christ, this is just saddening and makes my blood boil! So much for love and tolerance right? August Ames doesn’t want to have sex with me her body her vagina, but let’s force her anyway. You know what they call that right? They call that rape? Even getting paid to “perform” on camera, she had the same right to turn down a part or scene for whatever reason she deemed enough. Don’t like it? Tough luck butter-cup deal with it.  Got to love the LGBTQ+ or as I like to call them: “The Alphabet Soup community” she didn’t want to expose herself to the dangers of performing with a performer that does gay sex scenes, so what does the LGBTQ+ community do? Did they preach love and tolerance like they say they do?

No sir, they went on the attack on social media and absolutely dogpiled her on social media making her life a living hell. Man isn’t it fan-fucking-tastic to hear about how so many people in the Alphabet Soup community deciding it would be cool to bully someone into hanging themselves, and when faced with the reality of their actions start deleting comments and video’s so they can cover their own tracks out of “respect” for August Ames. Disagree with their little “cult” on ANYTHING and that’s it. They will destroy you, sue you, trash your reputation, get you fired or your business shut down, harass and abuse you. All in the name of “love and tolerance” right? The irony in all of this they did the exact same fucken thing to her that they have been supposedly experiencing.

And instead of mourning a fellow co-workers death some of these cunts are grave standing on her dead body taking the metaphorical victory lap while getting a pat on the back from their followers on social media instead of the scorn they rightfully deserve for their actions. You attack “the right target” which makes everything you do justified because “they had it coming.” Which isn’t victim blaming because reasons”. What happened to “no means no” and “her body her choice”? Funny how that works. Just 8 months ago there was an HIV scare in the industry, and 2 years ago there was an actual outbreak because of a false negative test. But no, August Ames was clearly in the wrong for exercising caution. I bet if most people told someone to kill themselves and they actually did they would feel really guilty about it.

Yet this piece of shit Jaxton Wheeler says: “I’m gonna sleep just fine, I stood up for the gay and bisexual community” wouldn’t surprise me if he still genuinely thinks he’s a really good and moral person, what the fuck is wrong with these people? “They were just trying to educate her not their fault she killed herself.”  Yes and most certainly trying to vilify her for her sexual preferences in partners was going to help any pre-existing mental conditions she might have had in the first place. It doesn’t even phase them when they are called out for their own hypocrisy. We have reached the ultimate level of offense in 2017, guys. Now not wanting to have sex with a homosexual means you’re homophobic.

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  1. flyingtigercomics says:

    “Equality” and moral relativism simply mean that sexual deviants and sociopaths are to be treated better than normal people. This is the logical conclusion to the story.
    Up next: fall of civilization or renewal through civil war.

  2. flyingtigercomics says:

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