Video Game Mods: Everyday we stray further from God’s light

I won’t lie! I gave myself a proper nasal irrigation with my morning coffee when I stumbled onto this mod on the NexusMod website. And don’t you dare ask me how I got to this particular mod, let’s just say I was looking at mods for “scientific reasons” and leave it at that. The mod in question you may ask? Someone took the time to create a realistic mod for thermodynamics, chafing, and humidity when it comes to the balls of Gerhardt of Rivia. And this being 2017 the year where everyone and everything is about inclusivity and diversity the mod is also included for Ciri, which brings me the to the question why?! This also brings all kinds of dodgy fan fiction and questions to mind:

And no don’t ask me how I know about this type of fanfiction don’t ask and I won’t tell, trust me you are better off not knowing. So now that we asked the “important questions” let us get into more detail regarding this mod for Witcher 3:

And judging from his dedicated FAQ section he seems like one dedicated dude:

Now if you will excuse me I think I have had enough internet for the day…

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