Fictional characters aren’t a moral compass for a fandom

No, no just no! And yes most sane fans of Rick and Morty and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World knows that these FICTIONAL characters aren’t people you should not idolize or look up to in the real world. No one wakes up one morning and says: “Hey, you know what? I want to be like one of my favorite FICTIONAL characters in a FICTIONAL world. Unless you are mentally unstable or unhinged. And most fans are fully aware that they are shitty people. And if you actually watched these shows you would know even though these people are shitty they do have redeeming qualities. Rick Sanchez, for instance, cares for the people in his life. It is why he keeps jumping back to his family in one universe after abandoning them in another, or why he nearly risked his life-saving Morty despite having coupons for replacement Mortys.

Scott Pilgrim at the core is a very flawed character. Sure he has his good qualities, just like everyone else, but he is also an extremely self-centered person through most of the series. It takes a while, but he comes to the realization does dawn on him and eventually, he learns to at least recognize that he is flawed. Whether or not that acceptance translates into fixing those flaws is something yet to be explored in the books. And that is why people enjoy characters like Rick and Scott, not because they are somehow the paragons of virtue, but because they are imperfect and flawed just like people in the real world. Not a single person on this planet is perfect we all have our imperfections, so watching someone who is equally flawed is extremely therapeutic and enjoyable for viewers. And would explain the popularity of shows like Breaking Bad and Walter White.

And how do these FICTIONAL characters have any bearing on the so-called “Nerd Culture” and how are they suppose to call out people like me for our supposed transgressions? These are FICTIONAL characters in a FICTIONAL world that are meant and created to entertain us, yes sometimes they deliver commentary on social issues but that isn’t their main purpose. Why do people like you have this incessant need to try and politicize everything? Why can’t entertainment be just that entertainment? We don’t relate to them so that we can one day wake up and say: “Hey, you know what? I want to be more like Rick or Scott” We don’t strive to be more like them, but we can relate to these characters because they aren’t perfect, they are imperfectly flawed like us. And that is why we enjoy these shows and characters. Nothing more nothing less…

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