Haters Gonna Hate [Fuck them]

The first thing I learned when I started this blog 5 years ago is that as a content creator you put yourself out there for the world to see, read, think and judge you. And in the age of social media Facebook, Twitter and whatnot things can get pretty fucken harsh and downright demotivational. Dealing with all the negativity and mean comments come with the territory, no matter how unopinionated, politically correct and on the fence you are on a subject or topic. Inevitably you are going to find someone who will disagree with you on a topic and who doesn’t like what you have to say. Some people don’t like that I am an opinionated individual, and that’s totally fine with me. If the articles I write invokes strong reactions in people, both good or bad, means that I am doing something right. And you definitely know you are big when people start hating on you for the content you create.

Being a blogger is all about having an opinion, that is the entire point of being a blogger, and one of the main reasons I started Suitably Bored to share my opinions. I definitely did not start writing for the fame and fortune. And a point that most people totally miss these days. I regularly get: “You should shut-up you have an opinion on everything” that is the entire fucken point. I am not a mainstream publication or a new outlet. I am a blogger with an opinion. And honestly, I love peoples responses letting them speak their mind and arguing with them, that is what the internet and freedom of speech is built upon. And the haters?  Simple: you just don’t give two shits about anyone else’s opinions save those whose opinions you value. Be they friends, fellow writers, or fans.  Everybody else, though? FUCK EM.

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