Polygon forgets how to Tomb Raider

So in addition to not needing to be any good at playing games when reviewing said video games, these so-called video game journalists also don’t need to be good at reporting and writing about video game related news:

Hey, Julia Alexander, this might come as a shock to you but Lara Croft was not originally designed by Square Enix:

Not even a single minute in Google to do that bit of research. Also, its first release was not on the original PlayStation but on the SEGA Saturn, followed by the PlayStation and PC versions:

How useless do you need to be at your job and doing some basic levels of research to get it this wrong? But how can we expect game journalists to be experts in their field? That’s just too much to ask. Cue the next half a dozen articles saying you don’t need to be factually incorrect as a video game journalist.

[Edit:] Either they don’t care or are lazy but they are yet to correct their article.

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