I love the smell of hypocrisy in the mornings…

Don’t you just love the irony when hypocrites attack someone for using the “N” word during a live stream event. It was clear as day he made a mistake and he was rightly criticized for that. But people who are calling him a racist and demanding some kind of serious discipline need to stop.  He said it, he apologized for it:

Time to move on like grown adults yes? But it seems some people suffer from short term memory loss, the very same people who are screaming for his head on a pike. First up is Brianna Wu:

Brianna darling, when you transitioned from being a man to a woman did it affect your long term memory perhaps? Or did your sex change absolve you from any prior wrong doing?

And I will quote verbatim what she said: “He called one of the workers a fat dyke, and when Dr. Husni came to her defense, he called him a “raghead” and a “sand nigger.” – Source

Brianna darling it seems you got the bad case of hypocrisy over there. Might I suggest:

Next up in that hypocrisy line up is our good friend and video game streamer Destiny, who proudly announced that he is morally superior to PewDiePie and that he never has used the “N” word in any of his streams or content. Well shit, imagine my shock:

He get’s bonus hypocrisy points for using the term faggot and gook these hypocrites cannot seem to keep their skeletons in their closet, they just keep jumping out. And last but not least our favorite hypocrite Jim Sterling, who had his own two cents to add in his latest video. At least his hypocrisy has been evident for years:

One of the half a dozen cringe worthy Tweets he has sent out since launching his career as a video game journalist. I stopped following Jim Sterling when he tried to maintain that he was “the voice of the consumer” while defending the journalists and their lack of morals during gamergate. So many hypocrites throwing rocks in their little glass houses….

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