Welcome to 2017 where a haircut makes you a racist Nazi

What a fucken time to be alive, having a certain haircut now makes you a racist Nazi sympathizer. I fucken swear you cannot make this shit up! Pro-tip: Hair cut like skin color doesn’t tell you anything about the person, ignorance breeds racism and bigotry. A haircut is just a haircut. Haircuts don’t have thoughts, feelings, nor do they carry any beliefs. And worst of all people actually believe sporting a certain haircut makes a racist Nazi sympathizer:

Sorry, no haircut is racist. The attitude of the person is what makes the difference. The amount of pure fucken stupidity in this Twitter discussion is absolutely fucken mind numbing, if you want to risk a few brain cells you can go read some of the replies here. Am I the only one that thinks that we are trapped in some horrible nightmare?  This is, quite possibly, the stupidest article that I have ever read. Considering the quality of the media in today’s world, that’s saying something…

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  1. So now you can get hate mail for a haircut? Interesting. Usually its just my wife who gives me that kind of grief…

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