How to throw your own video game franchise under the bus

Well, that did not take Electronic Arts and Bioware long, after only 5 months after the game was released both companies dropped support for Mass Effect Andromeda quicker than a Mexican crossing the American border. Which comes as no real surprise considering how far the franchise has fallen since Andromeda’s release. How do you fuck up a franchise so badly a series as colorful, interesting and imaginative and full of promise as Mass Effect? And it is fucken insane to me that Bioware and Electronic Arts did not give it to one of their main AAA studios, instead they handed it over to an inexperienced studio, with a new engine. But I am going off-topic now, Bioware released a statement yesterday regarding the future of Mass Effect Andromeda:

Translation for the above press release: “We don’t care about fixing the game anymore because we are already working on Anthem, fuck you all, xoxo – Bioware” Basically they knew it was going to be garbage, but they also knew that blind fanboyism would still make the game somewhat profitable in the end. So why spend the little profit you made on the game by constantly trying to fix it and release updates. And when rumors started circulating that there won’t be any DLC released for the game, I knew it was true: Not forgetting that both Electronic Arts and Bioware had the gall to lie to the faces of the people who bought the game. Outright saying that the above rumors weren’t true. Only to give people the middle finger a few weeks later. And unironically there are still fans and online publications that are actually defending this move. So remember next time a developer or publisher fucks you over it is because you enabled them to do so, and allow them to get away with it. So to Electronic Arts, Bioware and the mindless drones who support them:

[Editors Note:] Shepard must be rolling over in his grave right about now…

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