Bleeding Cool: You are the problem not the trolls

First, it was gamers that were the problem, now it is supposedly the comic book fans that are currently the reason behind all of the issues the industry is facing today. It is almost impossible to read the latest article from Bleeding Cool and Joe Glass and not think that, by using terms like trolling and hate speech he is pretty much referring to anyone who doesn’t share or agree with his opinions. So let me just add my voice to those calling out Joe Glass for his condescending hypocrisy in this article. Weren’t you the same Joe Glass responsible for calling another creator (Howard Chaykin) “human garbage” to paraphrase:

But here you are, standing on that tiny soapbox of yours preaching to other people about being moral? Misusing your position at Bleeding Cool to attack Howard Chaykin in a manner that befits a troll. Guys like you don’t even realize that you do the same shit you condemn others people for. Because you seriously believe it is okay to act like this if it is your side. And basically openly admitting that you want to shut down any and all speech you find offensive and all viewpoints that don’t conform to your personal views on morality. There is a word for people like you, oh yes a fascist. That doesn’t mean, I excuse any misdoings, or that I think there isn’t a group of comic book fans that act like absolute trash, but I am fucken tired of people using the “they are all the same approach.” 

No fuck you Joe Glass and fuck anyone and everyone that thinks like that. It has become increasingly popular to criticize fandoms like gamers and comic book fans and judge them all by the behavior of the few bad apples. Maybe trolls aren’t the problem. People read comic books to escape the real world, and comic book readers like myself have had enough of being called privileged cis white men, or misogynist in the real world. Let alone the one place we go to escape it. If you want to put these things in your comic books, go ahead, but readers are going to start revolting and just going to stop buying comic books if this continues. But what would I know I am just a comic book pleb who has been collecting and reading comic books for the past 25 years.

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