How to kill the anticipation for a new video game

You know what was missing from the new Middle-earth: Shadow of War game? Microtransactions! In our Singleplayer role playing game no less. Just imagine if games like The Witcher 3, Dark Souls or Skyrim had micro transactions?  This is a role playing game for fuck sake, there needs to be that sense of progression and satisfaction for time spent and missions played. Adding micro transactions destroys the entire mechanic and atmosphere behind this. There is a certain level of satisfaction from finding a rare item from a random loot drop after a difficult boss battle. And for me at least it breaks the immersion of the games for me.  Kinda hard to get lost in a fictional world when I am constantly being reminded that I can use my real world money to make my fictional character stronger, instead of actually playing the game and getting items through natural progression.

I have a simple set of rules when it comes to games that have microtransactions: If the game is full retail price then there should be no micro transactions. If it does have micro transactions then it must be free to play. If you can use real world money then it should be only purely cosmetic items. If the items are premium cosmetics then there should be plenty of normal cosmetics items you can choose from. If it is a single player game only then it should not force you to be always online just for the micro transactions. Those are my golden rules. And the saddest aspect of all of this? People are actually defending Warner Bros and Monolith games. Don’t these people realize that by defending them you are supporting these bad business practices right? I love Warner Bros excuse and justification for why these microtransactions are a good idea:

I really enjoyed the first game and I was looking forward to this game…until now. It is now squarely off my list of new video games that I am looking forward now. No matter how they try and sugar coat this turd it won’t magically turn into a delicious confectionery. The greed on display by Warner Bros with this game has rubbed me the wrong way as they are already wanting you to pay a premium for the game and the DLC. And if that was not enough they are adding micro transactions on top of it. And to those people saying: “So what, just ignore the micro transactions” to balance out the use of microtransactions, the grind in the game will be increased, and the RNG (It’s basically the chances of getting an item to drop) will become less forgiving. Basically forcing you into using and spending money on microtransactions.

Think of it as gambling, the odds are already stacked against you and the house always wins. Gamers seriously need to start becoming more vocal when it comes to disruptive practices like microtransactions. Publishers and developers alike will continue this trend because there are still people out there who will blindly support these practices because they are fans of a given game, franchise or brand. No other industry out there that I know of would ever get away with some level of the bullshit that the video game industry has pulled over the years. So remember next time a developer or publisher fucks you over it is because we enabled them to do so. So we have only ourselves blame, the only way to stop this cycle from continuing is to vote with your wallet!

[Editorial Note:] Tolkien must be spinning in his fucken grave right about now…

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