When you get your history lessons from a Disney movie

I have seen this image floating around social media the last couple of days, so I decided to clarify a few things the creator of this might have missed. For starters, Mulan is a story based on a ballad of Hua Mulan a Chinese legend. In the ballad, Hua Mulan takes her aged father’s place in the army. She was a beautiful woman who was very strong, and was known for practicing martial arts such as kung fu and for being skilled with the sword. And no she did not actual saved China in the ballad she retired after 12 years of fighting and no she was not transsexual/transgender. I don’t know what is more tragic, people getting their history lessons from a Disney movies. Or people who conflate cross dressing with being transgender, hey idiots they aren’t mutually exclusive. Being a cross dresser is not always the same as being transsexual/transgender.

Cross dressers are more attracted to the idea of wearing woman or mans clothing than actually feeling that they were born the wrong gender. And in the context of the story, she dressed as a man so that her father Fa Zhou who was a military veteran and only male in the family did not need to go fight in another war. Conscription notices require one man from each family to join the Chinese army. She did it out of necessity for her family and her grand father not because she was transsexual/transgender. And it was the reason why Mushu (Guardian spirit of the Fa family) had to go after Mulan, was because the penalty for fighting as a woman in the Chinese army in that time period was death and dishonor. Did the person who created this actually watch the movie before deciding to change the story and co-opt it?

[Editorial Note:] I take it the person who created this image had a knee-jerk reaction towards Trump’s recent ban on transgender military personnel serving in the army.

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One Response to When you get your history lessons from a Disney movie

  1. …..in this case these idiots apparently didn’t even see the fuckin movie they’re talking about.

    1) Mulan was -not- permitted to serve because she was female.
    2) Mulan was not transgender, she didn’t think she was a man – she was cross dressing as a disguise because she was female and females were NOT permitted to serve.
    3) It’s a fucking animated movie very loosely based on a myth.

    If your justification, today, for your demands are based upon a myth for which there is not credible evidence: you’ve officially become a religious orthodoxy.

    So not only are they treating SJW ideology as a religious orthodoxy: but as described in items 1 and 2: they’re directly telling lies. Anyone who’s actually seen the film knows they’re lying. She wasn’t permitted to serve and she wasn’t transgender. She was cross dressing specifically because she was female and females were not permitted to serve in the military.

    They’re lying about the source material. they’re literally lying about make believe fairy tale movies to push their agenda.

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