Uh Oh… Anthem Will Be a “10 Year Journey”

I can just imagine a meeting between Bioware and Electronic Arts. They looked at Destiny and said: “Hey guys, that Destiny game is really popular. We need to come up with our own Destiny.” And where did I hear that “10 Year Journey” line before? Oh, wait yes Destiny, when Bungi made such bold proclamations and look into what a shit show that turned into. What we got was a terrible launch with server issues that lasted for several months after launch. The end product was a short repetitive experience with even shorter DLC that was highly overpriced for the content it offered. This doesn’t bode well. Very few companies have the capacity to maintain a long post-release development cycle. Everyone is out to try and capture whatever magic World of Warcraft has been able to sustain for 10+ years.

Talking about World of Warcraft the only company that has ever gotten it right was Blizzard with Diablo, Starcraft. Let’s not forget that this is being published by EA. And I entirely expect this game to be flooded and ruined with microtransactions at least at some point during that “10 Year Journey”. It’s an announcement that feels a little tone deaf to how a large part of the community has been feeling about long term releases. Bioware has burned me and many other gamers too many times for me to even begin to trust anything they say about Anthem. One of my golden rules is never ever trust developers that promise long term plans for a new franchise, no matter how much of a fan you are of their previous work.Why can’t companies just focus on making really good single player games anymore? Those kind and of games are what made Bioware so popular in the first place.

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