S.A gaming website: Online gaming encourages “rape culture”

Jesus fucken Christ on a fucken jet ski what utter fucken garbage, I can only hang my head in shame as this was written by a South African and published by a South African website. I seriously don’t even know where to start with this garbage, but I am guessing from the start would be a good place as any:

“A recent event occurred that tarnished the image of our local gaming scene. Abusive language in the form of rape threats were used as a sort of “joke” but really served to leave a foul taste in the mouth and resulted in a young woman being shoved into the spotlight and another woman being harassed online for trying to stand up for both her and women in general.” It would be nice if you provided the source and context which is basically the entire foundation for the article. And no it does mean I don’t believe what was said and done, but it does lend more credibility to said article. I really suggest you go read this article by Sam over at Techgirl. It is well worth the read and properly addresses the entire issue, with attaching any useless garbage to it, unlike the Criticalhit article.

“Rape threats are nothing new for many women, but it is particularly toxic given the high rate of violence they face in South Africa. A study in 2015 states that South Africa has “the highest rate of women murdered by their partners in the world”. (Source)” And how are gamers and video games partly responsible for this? Please provide some actual hard evidence that correlates the above stated with hard facts instead of antidotal evidence. Remember back in the late 90’s and early 00’s when video games caused violence? Remember how multi studies debunked this on multiple occasions? And how the current social movement wants to tell us that if you are male, white and a gamer that you are sexist, racist and bigoted. Those pseudo-science studies were also debunked.

“Whilst femicide may seem like an extreme topic to be discussing in the context of gaming, one needs to understand that everything starts from small actions and rape culture in gaming absolutely feeds into this national crisis.”  How exactly is local gaming culture and video games feeding into the national rape/femicide? Please explain to me how online rape threats made by some immature adult who clearly has no respect for woman feed into this national crisis? While what was done and said is despicable and people like that should be ejected from the community, how is what is being said online in any way translate into real world actions? Anyone who has been a gamer and been using the internet for any length of time would know online trash talk is just that talk.

And no this is not me justifying what was said and done, but those are the facts. Just like playing violent video games does not encourage violent behavior in the real world trash talking and making online threats does not in most cases translate to real world violence. Yes, there are extreme cases where it does happen by there is a reason why they are called extreme cases. ” Rape culture is defined as follows (Source):” Did you just use everyday feminism as a source?  The very same website that has amazing articles like: “3 Ways Men Wanting to ‘Focus On Her Pleasure’ During Sex Can Still Be Sexist” and then cherry picking a single sentence that neatly fits into your argument. Everyday feminism is a joke, and no one should ever read it or take what is being published by them seriously.

“Whilst the overall reaction to the recent case was widespread condemnation and disgust, it was telling that not everyone agreed. Some described the incident as “weird” and suggested using the word “abusive” was too extreme.” Telling how? That not everyone frequents the same echo chamber as you? Putting yourself out on the internet be it gaming or writing like I am it opens you up to abuse. It does not justify the abuse but it is part of everyday life for everyone including men who according to Pew Research Center also facing online harassment and abuse. How you deal with it is where the difference comes into play. Simply ignoring the abuse and putting them on ignore/mute removes all the power they have.

Barring that almost every major gaming and social media platform has reporting tools you can use to report assholes like these. Online words no matter how negative they might be hold no power over you unless you allow them. Simple as that. That does not mean there isn’t a problem, but conflating online abuse with real world abuse and somehow straw manning it into the current rape/femicide we are experiencing in South Africa is just fucked up on so many levels. Just like Jack Thompson/Anita Sarkeesian tried to conflate video games with real world violence and sexism. “We shouldn’t be waiting for mainstream media to be writing articles highlighting the flaws and problems in the scene. We should be cleaning up our act and calling out problematic behavior ourselves.”

I agree 100% people like SA YouTuber BluRz should be called out for his bullshit and ejected from the community. But what you are doing does just as much damage to this community by writing click-bait garbage trying to shoehorn current social issues and making it out that we as gamers and games are helping create this problem. The current rape/femicide issues we are experiencing in South Africa has been a problem ever since the ANC government took over the reigns of this country. “Earlier this year, PewDiePie was removed from Disney’s Maker Network as well as having the second season of his YouTube show canceled over a controversial article by mainstream media accusing him of anti-Semitic “jokes”.”

You mean the article where they blatantly lied and misconstrued the facts so that they can make him out to be some sort of Nazi sympathizer? “South Africa is starting to experience these same growing pains as YouTube begins to grow massively in this country.” I tend to disagree on this point. Local YouTubers and YouTube itself aren’t nearly as popular as in the states or in Europe where online e-celebrities subscribers numbers are in the millions. Where only a few local South African YouTubers only manage to reach a few thousand subscribers at best, which is absolutely minuscule in comparison. And even then YouTube has a set of tools that enable both creators and people who view their videos to report them should they break YouTube’s terms of service.

“Understanding the concept of rape culture and how it is perpetuated in everyday life is a big step in the right direction. When people complain about the depiction of women in certain games, understand that that kind of problematic behavior feeds the status quo that results in events like what happened recently and the lackluster response of local brands does nothing but add fuel to the flames.”  Rape culture doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with rape occurrence and rates. It is just basically about societal tendencies to trivialize things like rape. And we can all agree on the rape epidemic that is currently gripping South Africa is absolutely terrible. But what the fuck does video games have to do with it? And are you stating that that video games cause rape?

Because it sounds like you are trying to link those ideas without a shred of evidence to connect the two. It is incredibly lazy journalism on your part Glenn Kisela, even if it is just an opinion piece. “South Africa has a national crisis where our women are being raped and killed at a rate that is both terrifying and tragic. Gaming culture is in a prime space whereby young and impressionable men can be shown the danger of rape culture and understand how their actions feed into a far bigger picture.” So what is it? Is gaming one of the causes and enablers of so called “rape culture”? And if so I would like some hard evidence of this. Because the entire article basically reads: “I am not saying gaming trivializes rape culture…but it does”. 

So let’s not beat around the bush, shall we? The current rape/femicide epidemic facing South Africa has nothing to do with gamers or video games. “Many men in Diepsloot, as in many other parts of South Africa, do not think they are doing anything wrong. They think they have a right to use force against their partners.” Glenn just how many poor communities have access to video games? When they barely have access to running water or electricity. Which blows your entire cause and correlation right out of the water. It is a lack of parenting, a lack of sexual education and poverty. It is a lack of proper specialist unit for rape and sexual-assault cases. It is a lack of a proper court/jail system that prosecutes and jails offenders. Video games and the culture that surrounds it does not factor into any of this.

[Editorial Note:] We as parents are responsible for how our children act and perceive the world around them. It is not society’s or video games job to raise your kids and teach them right from wrong. It is your job as a parent to do that. So do your job as a fucken parent. Nobody watches porn and becomes a rapist. Nobody plays video games and becomes a mass murderer. That line of thinking is pure bullshit.  I cannot believe I need to fucken spell this out to someone who seems educated enough to do some basic research…

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