Regarding Trump’s tweeted transgender ban…

With all the Trump Derangement Syndrome happening especially surrounding his recent announcement of banning transgender people from serving in the military, I thought that I would throw in my opinion on the subject as well. I am of the opinion on this as with rasta braids and beards. Service demands sacrifice. If you can’t make the needed sacrifice(s) that will be required of you for your country, you have nothing to look for in serving the military as a soldier. And just for the record, before I start off this rant I have no problems with woman, gays, or transgenders in the military, but only if they pass the same physical and mental tests as their straight counterparts and don’t get any preferential treatment based on their sexual status. After all the moral outrage there are definitely some issues that need to be highlighted.

President Donald Trump announced he was banning transgender people from serving in the military in a series of tweets Wednesday, July 26, 2017. (Images via Twitter)

The military does not celebrate people as individuals. The role of the military is to take healthy people, break them down as individuals, and build them up into a cohesive fighting unit designed to fight against an aggressive nation  That is why when joining the military your head is shaved and everyone wears the same uniforms, it creates conformity and unity. If there are people who cannot achieve the highest physical, mental, and emotional requirements for this objective, then they have no place in the military. There should be no different standards for different groups of people. I believe the military isn’t the place for social engineering and should remain as practically pragmatic and realistic as possible. Just because someone wants to serve in the military doesn’t mean that they should or can.

As far as I am aware serving in the military isn’t considered a right but a privilege. A privilege you can only partake in once it is found that you meet the requirements and even then it is no guarantee that you will make it through till the very last day of training. The military wants and needs their finest fighting men and woman they can get their hands on. Therefore there are extremely strict requirements established in order to weed those who aren’t fit for military service. The real question is, how does the military benefit from transgenders joining? There are way too many variables in regards to trans people that the military would have to take into consideration that they do not have to think about in regards to non-trans people. Trans people in the transition process require constant hormonal treatment.

And what would happen to these people (mentally & physically)  if they don’t receive these treatments for extended periods during combat? And will it affect their combat ability and their ability to look out for their squad mates?  Not to mention the mountains of paper work that will be needed to coordinate with civilian doctors. And who will be held responsible if something were to go wrong on the battlefield? Putting people in combat roles pumped full of experimental hormones & drugs not tested for that kind of environment and situation strikes me as a bad idea. The real world effects these drugs and hormones have on people hasn’t even been fully understood yet. Just like running around with an experimental weapon without field testing it first can and will end badly for those involved.

People get denied all the time due to various medical conditions which includes: People with diabetes, high blood pressure, men shorter than 5ft and women shorter than around 4ft 10 and people with asthma. The list which by the way you can find over here, is absolutely massive in scope and size. And like I stated earlier there are clear reasons why these conditions exempt you from serving your country. Should these people also now start screaming discrimination? Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. And people who suffer from gender dysphoria also suffer from things like: anxiety, depression, abnormal eating and suicidal thoughts. Not to mention the suicide rate in the transgender community is just over 40 percent. And the other 60 percent already suffer from co-existing mental disorders. But you want to put a gun in their hands and train them to kill?

And that is not even factoring in the average costs of  $130,000 per person when it comes to sex change surgery. Who will pay for these surgeries once they have been enlisted? The army? The very same army who cannot even properly take care of their veterans? The very same veterans who also suffers from one of the highest suicide rates at over 20 people per day. Not to mention that 20% of men and woman who return from war suffer from some sort of PTSD. And not forgetting that almost 50 000 war veterans are currently homeless and sleeping on the streets. Considering all of the above how the fuck will you expect them to help and take care of transgender people and those who are busy transitioning after they return from war, when they can’t even take care of their veterans? Transitioning is a life long process and it does not stop when you get your bits attached or chopped off…

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