West Vs East: How character introductions should be done

For the “supposed” vile sexism, lewd content in everything originating from Japan and Japan being one of the primary targets for people like Anita Sarkeesian and her cultish Social Justice Warriors due to “problematic” content. The Japanese sure as shit know how to introduce female versions of popular male lead franchises. Unlike Marvel who is fucking it up so badly at this point, trying to pander to all 63 genders and all the colors of the rainbow.

The very same people who don’t give a single fuck about comic books or their characters. And unironically this has caused multiple comic book  runs to be canceled including: Black Panther & The CrewMocking Bird, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Hellcat just to mention a few. This has Marvel sales sinking faster than the Titanic and DC comics outselling and out performing Marvel titles. Maybe Marvel should start taking notes from Akira Toriyama?

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