Are traps gay? And floundering YouTube celebrities…

What year is this? Boogie forgot humans had a spine when bullied by Anita Sarkeesian at Vidcon 2017. Maybe he can cosplay as a doormat at next years Vidcon? Just a thought… Angry Joe closes all comments on his YouTube channel and blames all of his fans for the bad content he created, basically shitting all over them. And in the process breaking promises he made to his fans, including those who are paying him via Patreon to create content. Which is a dick move. And now Total Biscuit had yet another overblown public social media meltdown over something inconsequential. This isn’t the first time Total Biscuit had a public meltdown, he publically lambasted his own wife on social media in front of millions of his fans for choosing to vote 3rd party in the US election.

Telling people who voted for Trump that they aren’t welcome on his different social media platforms anymore, and that they should unsubscribe from his YouTube channel. What was Total Biscuit’s meltdown over this time? Well, basically a joke/meme. “Are traps gay?” was the question asked at this years CoxCon. The usual (normal) response would have been something along the lines of “Yes” (Because XY and Z) or “No” (Because AB and C). What you should and could have done was just counter the stupid question with a stupid answer of your own. Or you could have ignored the question and move onto the next. Instead, you attacked your own community, and groups which normally support you, because they did not agree with how you handled the entire thing.

The amount of action taken by Total Biscuit over a singular silly joke was absolutely fucken ridiculous and overblown. And as much as I sympathize with him for what he’s going through with his cancer treatment, I simply cannot support someone who cannot handle criticism from his own fan base and turns to silencing them when they speak up. Those are the same tactics the anti #Gamergate used against you Total Biscuit, did you forget that? I used to like and actively support you because I like what you represented in the game industry. And it is really sad to see you spending what could be your final days on this earth acting like a petulant man-child towards your own fanbase.

[Editorial Note:] I used to follow and enjoy these YouTubers content, and yes I understand they are only human and prone to mistakes. But when you turn around and attack the people who made you famous and who allow you to make a living from making YouTube videos, that is where I draw the line.

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