When celebrating identities is more important than story

Am I the only one that is noticing that the entertainment industry these days is more about celebrating identity instead of talent when it comes to actors. And I have also noticed that when talking about the changes to the cast they never address what that change would do for the dynamic of the show, or what stories can be told with the character that couldn’t be told as they are now, and instead just talk about the sex, color or sexual orientation. Everything else including the quality of the story falls by the wayside, in before but people need to be able to associate themselves with characters in movies, series, and video games. And to be honest, what type of self-absorbed human are you that watches a movie reads a book or plays a game and thinks “wait, where am I in this story?”

My entire childhood was comprised of me idolizing characters or individuals who did not match my race, skin color, sex, gender or ethnicity I did not care about that growing up and I don’t give a fuck about it now. Growing up I always idolized them for their amazing feats, ideals, principles I didn’t care about anything else. I am so sick of this gender swapping, race swapping, identitarian bullshit, this has now taken center stage whenever a new movie, series or video game get’s announced. The entertainment industry has run out of ideas their incestuous, cliquish elitism has killed off any talent and original story telling and they are unable to take any financial risks on original ideas. The ONLY thing they have left is playing the identity politics card.

Celebrating identity above story telling and acting skill is one of the most pointless and unproductive things you could ever do. Because that would imply that you have zero faith in your story telling and your actors acting abilities. Do these people have so little faith in their abilities that they need to ride the shoulders of already popular franchises because that is the only way they think they can make a show work and make it successful. I cannot decide whether that just shows how insecure these people are, or how they have a total lack of creativity. My ONLY  problem with the new Doctor being cast as a woman is the timing. If they had done it once before in the series then no one would care if it happened now. But now it seems to be a move made purely out of identity politics and pandering.

[Editorial:] I have written another article in the same vein regarding the same issue in video games which you can find here.

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  1. drnc11 says:

    These identarians seem more racist than actual racists; all they see is physical appearances.

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