How the mighty have fallen…

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From a critically acclaimed “space opera” and one of the most well known and popular SciFi games to this:


Must be really hard to be the “red headed step child” of the franchise. Facial animations right out of a 90’s video game and more bugs than a patch of rainforest in the Amazon, making it the ass end of memes and jokes on the internet:

Not to mention the lowest rated and reviewed The lowest rated and reviewed game in the entire franchise:

And adding insult to injury 2 days after the games initial release it’s price dropped by 25%:

But that isn’t even the cherry on top of this multilayer cake when it was “leaked” that there was no DLC planned for the game strange considering the track record of the previous games:

But like the infomercials say: “BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE” after the games piss poor performance and reception the franchise has been put on ice indefinitely: And the cherry on top of this cake you might ask? Aaryn Flynn, BioWare general manager for 17 years running for his life after the last game. Most likely from the shame that came with producing Andromeda…

I predicted this flop months before the game was even released, and people were pissing and moaning at me on social media for being “negative”. I hate to do this but:

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