Another day another garbage anti video game article

When I read articles like these I can only firmly plant my face against my desk repeatedly. So let’s dig into this garbage article and see how far down the rabbit hole we need to go: “Men at the beginning of their careers could be spending more time trying to reach the next level on a video game than the next level at work.” Guess what?! Men today don’t “work less because of video games”. We work less because there are fewer incentives and rewards for overworking ourselves into an early grave. That is not even mentioning the social pressures young men face these days. Society as a whole has turned hostile towards men and there are a lot of forces actively pushing against them, both in the work place and at home. Maybe if we weren’t being constantly told no matter how hard we work in life that we will always come from a place of privilege.

Passed over for a job or a promotion by every company who wants to hire less qualified people to show how progressive they really are. Leaving young men who are qualified for the job by the wayside, dejected and demoralized knowing that after years of hard work and study that they still cannot find a job suited to their qualifications and skills. Not to mention that the media and feminists are constantly telling us how bad we are for being born with a dick and how we are the cause of all societies ills. And not forgetting the complete stigmatization that that comes with being a male gamer, because according to the media, feminism and the SJW crowd. Being male and enjoying video games, automatically makes you a racist, sexist bigotted asshole. The problem here isn’t video games, nor is it men who choose to play video games.

And for the record: Fuck society and their gender roles that would tell men that they should be slaves for a society that has all but given up on them. Fuck those who would shame, belittle and delegitimize us for doing things that make us happy, because they have this irrational prejudice against video games. Gaming is a hobby. Fuck anyone who tries to criticize how people decide to spend their free time at home.“Between 2004 and 2007, men between 21 and 30 years old played two hours of video games per week. But that has now risen to 3.4 hours per week according to the American Time Use Survey.” Is 3.4 hours a week even that much? And can that even be viewed as problematic?  I spend 10 hours a day at my job from 6AM till around 4PM. When I get home I spend 4 hours with my son and wife, cooking food doing chores and socializing with them.

So out of a 24 hour day, I spend 14 hours doing what “society” expects me to do. And on an average, I play 3 times during the week and a single session is around 2 hours. Which is 6 hours a week, so out of the 50 hours I spend at work and 20 hours I spend with the family only 6 hours is spent playing video games. So please explain to me how this can be viewed as problematic? “Video games were indeed playing a part in the decline in work hours for young men, he said. But there were other reasons, especially for less-educated men with fewer professional skills where employment opportunities have dwindled.” So using myself as an example I still get to play about twice as much as the average adult male in this study and still be a fully functional member of society. So who would have guessed, I am above the average played per week and I am still a functional adult.

So, I went over to the American Time Use Survey website, which is part of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are the hard numbers for “Average hours spent per day in selected leisure and sports activities by age” for the 25-34 age group (men and women combined). The data is for 2016, so it is pretty recent: Socializing and communicating: 0.67 hours per day (4.69 hours per week) Watching TV: 1.95 (13.65) Relaxing and thinking: 0.21 (1.47) Playing games: 0.28 (1.96) Computer use for leisure, excluding games: 0.18 (1.26) Reading for personal interest: 0.15 (1.05) Participating in sports, exercise, and recreation: 0.32 (2.24). Notice how watching TV is far ahead of all the other categories? And not even by a small margin. Interesting, isn’t it, how the article says nothing bad about watching TV, eh? Even though the hours spent on that is much greater than any other single leisure activity.

So the entire article is just another example of the media being biased (as always) against video games, who would have thought? “The stratification of wages also helped boost the popularity of video games, given one $100 game can provide potentially hundreds of hours of entertainment.” Wait haven’t AAA video games been $59.99 since forever? Seems like the writer of this article did not do their research properly. Which is the case with most of these poorly written articles. “A recent Japanese report found many young men remained virgins even into their 30s. Many said they preferred gaming to coupling. The reasons varied for the wariness about going all the way but included a lack of self-esteem, fear of rejection, all-consuming hobbies such as gaming and the ease of accessing pornography online.”

And as to be expected, the writer of the article wants to desperately tie in one of the biggest video game markets with the fact that most of today’s Japanese youth are still unmarried and virgins. Talk about reaching for straws. In a recent study, 30 percent of the 2,706 men sampled and 26 percent of the 2,570 female respondents said they were not currently looking for a relationship. “They want to tie the knot eventually. But they tend to put it off as they have gaps between their ideals and the reality,” said Futoshi Ishii, head of the NIPSSR’s population dynamics research department.” So, in essence, it has nothing to do with what media and entertainment they consume. And more to do with the harsh realities of life not measuring up to their ideals. So neither porn or video games are to blame for Japans social issue. Another day another garbage anti video game article…

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