Video game journalism desperately fighting for relevance

It seems the penny has dropped for video game journalism who also now seem to be fighting to stay relevant like their mainstream counterparts. We have already seen the mainstream media lashing out at popular YouTubers like PewDiePie and JonTron online celebrities with millions of followers. And who gets more views on their videos per day than most journalists can only dream of. So it is not really surprising when another big Youtuber by the name of “videogamedunkey” who has over 3 million subscribers makes a video criticizing outlets like IGN and how journalists handle video game reviews, that they would take it personally and go after him. Videogamedunkey has a far larger platform than most online video game publications and a following that watches and listens to what he has to say.

While traditional print media and online publications like IGN are struggling to stay relevant with their shitty click bait articles, political agenda pushing and generally just treating their own readers as the scum of the earth. Calling gamers like myself racist, sexist and misogynistic ever chance they get. So it is not really a surprise that gamers are looking at other avenues for reviews and opinions on video games. These video game journalists are afraid of YouTubers like Videogamedunkey and other gamer e-celebrities because they have more pull and influence over the people who follow them. They are now the guys and girls the average gamer on the internet goes to for reviews and opinions on the latest video games, totally bypassing these so called video game journalists making them completely irrelevant. And that scares them.

Videogamedunkey’s criticism video got two million hits in under twenty-four hours. You can take any handful of these journalists and they wouldn’t be able to achieve the same milestone in a single year. And that frightens them. When I read or watch a review on a video game as someone who is possibly looking at buying a game after reading/watching said review I want the review to expand on the following: Does the game run well? Is the game mechanically sound? Is the story any good? And what does it do differently from other games in the genre to make it stand out? Basically, I want an objective assessment of the game. What a video game critic/reviewer should bring is a passion about the subject and in-depth knowledge of the game being reviewed. None of this you find in modern day video game reviews. There is absolutely no consistency in reviews anymore.

They will tell you that the game is shallow and derivative in one paragraph but in the next, they will totally contradict themselves. And that is not even touching on the subject of reviewers bringing their Social Justice garbage into reviews not to mention their unsolicited opinions on politics. None of the above has ANY place in a video game review. And you can clearly see how defensive they have become on Twitter and Facebook with replies consisting of: “I love dunkey but <insert defensive shit here>” None of them have an actual valid opinion to stand on, and none of them have the balls to actually call him out because they know what is being said is true. The new media is now colliding with the old, and to me at least it is fucking hilarious how threatened they are by it and even more so because they are the one’s digging their own graves by attacking their critics….

[Editorial Note:] You can read more of their butthurt replies on Twitter here. And as you can pretty much guess by now it is all of the usual “suspects” in the industry.

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