Miss South Africa accused of racism

Miss South Africa had to recently defend herself after being called racist on Twitter for wearing latex gloves while feeding black children in Soweto. Let that sink in for a minute, the act of wearing latex gloves for hygiene purposes is now considered a racist act, Jesus fucken Christ on a jet ski. The fucken stupidity levels of these people throwing around these types of accusations are beyond comprehension or believe. Hey, assholes let me ask you a fucken question: What charity work have you done? What have you done to make a positive change in South Africa?

And no faux racial outrage on social media does not count as doing anything. I don’t see any of the people that are saying she is racist feeding any of these kids or doing anything for South Africa except flame the fires of racial hatred even further. Interestingly enough while doing research for this article I noted that the staff, who prepare and work with food alongside Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, also wore gloves. Does that mean that they are racist? Trust some South Africans to turn something which is purely focused around kindness and giving, into yet another racist argument.

Sadly, no matter what she will say, people who see her as racist will not change their minds. Clearly, common sense isn’t that common in South Africa anymore. I applaud Miss South Africa for the charity work she does, she is a far better person than I will ever be. And to her asshole accusers stop fucken perpetuating unhealthy conflicts in our communities. Honestly I wish South Africans would stop playing the racist card, the card has long expired and to be honest the shit is getting old as fuck.

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