CNN is threatening a private citizen with blackmail

CNN employee holding the (fake) decapitated head of Donald Trump: “It is artistic free speech”. Fast forward a few weeks later and a photoshopped GIF get’s posted by Donald Trump showing him body slamming CNN: “This is inciting violence towards the media” What a fucken bunch of hypocrites, telling other people how they should act and behave but not even following their own advice. Remember, it’s okay to encourage your readers to assassinate the president, but it’s completely unacceptable when the president responds with something far tamer. It just shows how desperate the media have gotten. And now CNN has taken it upon themselves to pursue and expose anonymous users online, to hold them publicly accountable for the things they post on social media and bring them to justice. Does this not suspiciously sound like tyranny and authoritarianism?

CNN has literally committed what amounts to a felony in using intimidation tactics to suppress someone’s right to free speech online. Not to mention coercing the desired response from the person using said intimidation. They threatened to dox (Release his full name and the town he lives in.) him if he continues making fun of them. It is bad enough that so many news outlets these days break the journalistic code of ethics of being impartial on news issues, but now they are actively hunting down and blackmailing people on the internet? Newspapers publish “editorial” cartoons criticizing people and ideas all the time. And when taken to task they are quick to point out that they are “practicing their first amendment rights.” Some random guy on the internet makes a meme that Trump uses in a Tweet and all of a sudden it is a call to violence against the media?

CNN, you are a major news network with 37 years of operational experience and 3,000 employees that broadcast to 200 countries and about 350 million households around the world, YOU SHOULD KNOW FUCKEN BETTER. And they are wearing it like a fucken badge of honor: “Oh wow, we found the guy on the internet using our detective skills! We found the meme-maker! We threatened him with blackmail and forced him to apologize!” The actions that CNN took basically confirms everything that has been said about them and other mainstream media organizations. The fact that they are behaving in a way that is a direct threat to the public’s right to freedom of speech. CNN has basically appointed themselves his jailor, to monitor him and keep him in line. Think about that for a moment….

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