Anita admits it was never about making video games better

Most people like myself who have debunked Anita Sarkeesian garbage videos (see what I did there?) countless times would agree that this is not really news to most of us. We always knew that Anita was using video games and nerd culture as a way to make money and push her ideological politics, it was never about making better games or making it better for woman in general. It was all about the politics, money and the victimhood points she gets on that victim card of hers. But this is the first time where she openly admits that she is just using video games and nerd culture as a means to an end.

It has always been about ideology for people like Anita, but she never admitted it either publically or during interviews. Now that her cards are out on the table she cannot take back what was said or make excuses to avoid taking responsibility. Now no one including the video game journalism industry who hangs on every word she says can dispute that she is simply pushing an agenda and that she simply does not care about making video games better or to create a more inclusive industry. Way to throw woman and minorities under the bus Anita, hope all the money and fame you gained from doing all of this is worth it.

What does that mean for publishers and developers who follow her advice? It means she did not care about them making more money or getting more consumers to buy their products. Too bad that most of the people who support her and are the ones pushing this shit are so invested in Anita and her ideology that they will just justify this as acceptable. For me, the nail in the coffin was how Anita treated Boogie and Sargon during and after the cyberbullying panel at Vidcon that convinced me Anita was an ideologue and a scam artist. She is literally an abusive narcissistic who gets a rush when she is able to exercise power over others.

[Editorial Note:] This is not the first time Anita has been caught in a lie. Right at the start of the #Gamergate movement, online footage surfaced where she clearly states she has no real interest in video games as a medium.

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